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Overachiever : EMOTiVA TA1 Integrated Amp

The Audiophiliac goes big with Emotiva's little amp. Also, if you're a Herb Reichert fan, stick around till the end!

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0:00 Intro
0:23 I like the look
1:42 Look inside the chassis
2:28 TA1 connectivity
4:16 Speakers used in the review
5:03 Comparison with Denon PMA600NE amp
7:26 Flexing the TA1's muscles
9:09 So Steve, what do you really think?
9:55 Audiophiliac Viewer System of the Day!
11:37 Would you like to chat with Stereophile's Herb Reichert?
13:37 Outro

Steve’s System:

Technics SL 1200GR turntable
Parasound JC3+ phono preamp
Grado Platinum3 and Epoch3 cartridges
Oppo BDP 105 Blu ray player https://www.oppodigital.com/support/blu-ray-bdp-105/blu-ray-BDP-105-Support.aspx

AudioQuest digital cables https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/aes-ebu/diamond

Kimber digital cable https://www.kimber.com/products/D60

Cardas Clear interconnect cables http://cardas.com/clear_reflection_ic.php

Cardas Clear speaker cables.

JPS Labs interconnects https://jpslabs.com/collections/interconnects/products/jps-labs-superconductor-v-interconnect-rca-cable?variant=15927206674506

Nordost speaker cables https://nordost.com/leif/red-dawn/red-dawn-speaker-cable.php

Wireworld Aurora 7, Electra 7, and Silver Electra 7 power cords,

buffal0bilious : The new lens really teases out a lot of the microdetail in that shirt. It's much more resolving, and the tonal reproduction is very lifelike. It can't be stated enough: Better visual analog-to-digital conversion brings us closer to seeing the shirts the way the tailor intended.
scruffy : Suggestion Steve: how about you and Herb doing a live weekly podcast talking hi-fi and taking viewer questions. It would be fun, informative, therapeutic and much appreciated.
Nick Pantazi : Steve, you could immediately notice the upgrade in picture quality with the new lens. Cool review. Thanks.
John Jones : Steve, this episode convinced me to check out your podcast, now knowing that the podcast isn't just replays of your channel vids. I did enjoy watching Herb get lost in the music.
Carl Rishel : Got the PT1 for Christmas, luv it. While i was kinda hoping for this TA1 im not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and have really been enjoying the simplicity and quality of the PT1. Thanks Steve

How and why we use Sound Digital amplifiers in our audio builds . We love their size to power ratio

How and why we use Sound Digital amplifiers in our audio builds .

We choose sound digital for their size to power ratio

The size allows us to put amplifiers in places that other amplifiers just won’t fit .

We are not big fans of the 1200.4 or the 2400.4

But we love
The Evox and Evox2

Evo PS

starzandmarz : These shops mashing on NVS Audio shows that you guys are doing something right. I respect Carlos so much simply because he never smack talk. He reaches out to others to see if he can help. He’s such a rare guy, I’ve never seen this man trash talk. And I’m all the way in FLORIDA getting constant info about what we the consumer should do to improve our devices. (Even though I’ve lost both raffles lol) we gotta stop the bashing and learn from each other and grow. Stand up guy Carlos, blessing..
Rome : I almost exclusively only install 2 amplifiers as of right now. The NVX VADM2 or Sound digital 800.4. My reasoning behind that is how bulletproof both of them have been. I agree 100% with everything you have said. I would like to add..... if these shops continue to install these high powered audio systems on stock batteries their failure rate will continue to climb. I believe you recommend a battery upgrade at 1000 Watts. I do the upgrade at 700 watts just to stay safe. Another great video keep up the good work.
robleeva : I installed my 800.4 according to your recommendations. 4awg ground to frame, crimped and soldered, wire ferrels ets Thank You for all your great videos. Keep up the great work.
Ryan Johnson : Good video, I enjoy learning from you, and watching your videos, I have 2 evox 800.4. New, not used yet. My research, I found, complaints of the speaker wire block, loose and detached easily inside on the board, was common complaint and sound quality, and a few who talked about remote turn on, somehow causing amp failure. Since I have not ran mine yet, I'm still in install stage and it's winter. So I'll discover likely next month. I have heard a dsp is a must with these amps. To resolve clean signal issue. they are not waterproof amps, the evox, line, so I've seen a view git wet and failed. Or premature terminal corrosion due to heat. I'm adding heat sinks to mine. I ran last year tm400x4ad, and 2 tm400x2ad. Buy I need more power. So, will see how the evox 800.4 work this year. 1 bridged, 1 not. and will still run, 2 tm400x2ad.
Clayton Bryant : Theres a reason your shop stays so covered up ! Keep up the great work

Multi V 5 LGMV Tool Test Mode & Tips LG VRF

In this I show how to use test mode on a LG VRF Multi V 5. I also give a lot of tips for how to control the ac system.


You can contact me at Hvactimetx@gmail.com

Support the channel through,
Zelle @ Hvactimetx@gmail.com
neilvester victor : Great information
Eassyheat/ Cooling :


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